Chilli · Potato saucepan (¥ 2,000 ~)




Especially fish in the moon, but in February the cold weather is also top notch, plenty of white birch! It is a gem that should be eaten at least once in a lifetime though the value naturally extends at that time. The origin of the name “Donbanpa” is that the “shell and shell” has changed as it uses cold cotton “body and glass”, and it is said that it is old as a fisherman’s chef in the Shonai district that eats whole without limiting fish It has been told from. Please make yourself a home away from home-made miso tailored pots of potato made from our specialty. 【From October to mid-March】 ※ It is an amount display of single item menu. Course dishes are also available at plus 3000 yen. * All courses can be upgraded in thousand increments.


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